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Dry Green Low-Moisture Advantages

We use a Safe formula with  NO strong odors
That’s right, safe, crystal clear and odor-free.  There are none of the strong cleaning odors you’ve had to endure in the past.  It’s great for kids and pets, as well as moms and dads, our cleaner is family friendly.

Most spots and stains simply disappear
Dry Green’s Safe formula quickly and safely penetrates and loosens the soil in your carpets. Most spots are then quickly and easily removed without the surprise and expense of additional and often irritating “spotting” or “pre-conditioning” charges.
Carpets stay cleaner longer
Ever use an off-the-shelf product to remove a spot on Monday only to have it reappear on Wednesday. Traditional cleaning relies on harsh detergents and shampoos that can leave sticky soapy residues leading to rapid re-soiling. Dry Green avoids the problem altogether by using a safe, colorless, odorless, and totally soap-free cleaning solution. No sticky residue means carpets stay cleaner longer.
Convenient, fast drying
A common complaint about carpet cleaning is the long drying time. Using a controlled amount of moisture prevents over wetting and wick back that causes reoccurring spots. Extended Dry Time can cause other problems like bacterial growth and odor. Dry Green of Virginia’s Low Moisture process prevents the possibility of this happening. We don’t add odorants to mask the smells caused by over wetting. Dry Green leaves most carpets dry in hours, not days. In a matter of hours your home can have that clean, fresh feeling again!
NO hidden charges, NO hidden surprises
With Dry Green the figuring is easy, one price covers it all! There are NO hidden or confusing pre-spotting or pre-conditioning charges to double or triple the price you were promised over the phone. If there’s an additional charge for a difficult stain, we’ll tell you up front.
We specialize in delight!
Safe, fast drying, no sticky residues or strong, obnoxious odors, and complete satisfaction guaranteed!

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